Restaurant Empòrium
Restaurant Empòrium

Restaurant Empòrium, between the sea and the mountains

A restaurant with Michelin Star inside a gastronomic hotel ***

The Empòrium restaurant, located in the homonymous gastronomic hotel ***, reflects the work of Jordà family delivered by hand and soul in the tourism world since 1965. At the front, you will find the twin brothers Màrius and Joan Jordà, who surprisingly, and well supported by their father Salvador Jordà, take turns cyclically in front of the kitchen and the dining room.

In the restaurant you will enjoy a current sea and mountaine cuisine without renouncing to current touches, which emphasize the Empordà flavours, always based on proximity products. So, we try to relate all the elements around us to make possible our stationary and Alt Empordà countryside cuisine; moderate but essential; developed and modest but genuine; a cuisine which must be the reflex of our philosophy, opening to everybody our local univers. The nature splendour. Our landscape abundance.

Our restaurant has an excellent selection of wines by our sommeliers which are collected in a wine list work of American artist Ralph Bernabei which is visual poetry reflecting in the environment that gives rise to our wines.

In our restaurant we have a reserved room with a maximum capacity of 16 people to be able to enjoy our cooking in a spacious, private, intimate and diaphanous space.


Kitchen hours: 13:00 h to 15:00 h and 20:00 h to 22:00 h.

We would appreciate respecting the hours of the reservation. We remind you that the tasting menus are offered until 14:30 h and 21:30 h; and they will be served at full table.
Weekly rest: Sunday afternoon (except July, August and first two weeks of September) and Monday all day (except festival day)
Annual holidays: from 28h October to 14th November 2019; from 17th February to 5th March 2020.

The work and dedication in our restaurant has been recognized with:

- 1 Michelin Star at Michelin Guide

- 1 Sol at Repsol Guide

- Espiga i Timó d'Or 2017 by Town Hall of Castelló d'Empúries

- 15 points by critics of "Cinc a Taula" from newspaper La Vanguardia

- Second prize Cartaví 2009 and 2010 and finalist group C Cartaví 2013 in the province of Girona by INCAVI.


The Empòrium restaurant uses organic, fresh and proximity products, is for that we offer seasonal a menu.
We offer "à la carte service" and three tasting menu...
· Menu Univers Local at 105 euros
· Menu Sea and Mountain at 79 euros
· Menu Descobrir l'Empordà at 59 euros
These menus can be harmonized with a wine pairing made by our sommeliers.
carta angles 7 -EN.pdf
A work by North American artist Ralph Bernabei which includes a wide selection of wines chosen by our sommeliers.
Thanks to all the friends and lovers of the wine world                                                which made this list possible
small means great producers, craftsmen and characters
                                   bottles varieties. unique vineyards
climates, places, infinite landscapes
                   the immutable cycle of the seasons ... the autumn - the harvest
                             fans. averse professionals from the wine world
colours, smells, touches, emotions
                                          all gathered in a book ...
Carta de vins -EN.pdf