Restaurant Empòrium
Restaurant Empòrium

Restaurant Empòrium, between the sea and the mountains

A restaurant with Michelin Star and Repsol Sun inside a gastronomic hotel ***

Empòrium Restaurant, located at the homonymous 3-star gastronomic hotel, reflects the hard work of the Jordà family, devoted to the catering industry since 1965. The restaurant is led by the Jordà twins, Màrius and Joan, who are in charge of the kitchen and the dining room taking turns periodically in a surprising way, with the support of their father, Salvador Jordà. 

We offer two menus to enjoy our sea and mountain cuisine without sacrificing current touches, where the Empordà flavors stand out, always based on local and sustainable products.

In this way we try to relate all the elements that surround us to make possible a seasonal cuisine and the natural landscape of the Alt Empordà; sober but essential; evolutionary and humble but authentic. A cuisine that must be a reflection of our philosophy, opening our local universe to everyone.

The splendor of nature; the fullness of our land; the evolution of tradition.


In the restaurant there is also a private room with a seating capacity of 12 for those who want to enjoy our cuisine in a big, open, quiet, and private space.


Entrance hours to the restaurant: 13:00 h to 14:00 h and 20:00 h to 21:00 h.

Dining room service hours: 13:00 h to 16:45 h and 20:00 h to 23:30 h

We remind you that the tasting menus are available until 14:00 h and 21:00 h; and will be served at full table.


Weekly rest:

· From October to May closed Monday all day and nights of Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

· June and last two weeks of September closed Monday all day and Sunday night. 

· July, August and first two week of September closed Monday all day.

(except festival day)

Annual holidays: from from 20th February to 13th March 2023; from 30th October to 20th november 2023. 


maître: Salvador Jordà i Vidal

chef de cuisine and maître: Màrius i Joan Jordà i Giró

sommeliers: Màrius, Joan and Salvador Jordà

The work and dedication in our restaurant has been recognized with:

- 1 Star at Michelin Guide from 2016 edition

- 1 Sol at Repsol Guide from 2015 edition

- 57th in TOP 100 in the Fork Selection in Spain 2020

- Travellers' Choice Tripadvisor 2022

- Jury of LaCrème, the guide to the best dishes in Spain chosen by the best chefs

- Espiga i Timó d'Or 2017 by Town Hall of Castelló d'Empúries

- Tramuntana Honor Award 2015

- Tramuntana Award for dedication and guild projection 2018

- 15 points by critics of "Cinc a Taula" from newspaper La Vanguardia

- Second prize Cartaví 2009 and 2010 and finalist group C Cartaví 2013 in the province of Girona by INCAVI.


At the hotel restaurant Empòrium *** we are making a considerable effort and investment to be more sustainable by implementing changes that can have a positive environmental and social impact, and in this way make a more sustainable tourist activity. Therefore, we work to value resources such as water and the nature that surrounds us; however, we work on waste management and energy management in our establishment; as we also place special emphasis on the projection and enhancement of key elements of our tourist destination and local community.


Reserve a table

We recommend booking online.
The reservation will only be confirmed upon you will received a confirmation.
To book a table with a gift voucher, please call.

Reservations by phone or email (from Tuesday to Sunday)

T. +34 972 250 593 ·

* When making the reservation you will need to determine which of the two experiences we offer you will want to enjoy; as also it will be required to give a valid bank card to make the reservation.

* We demand punctuality and correct dress code, in case of delay there is the possibility of not serving the full menu.

* All clients in the restaurant have the obligation to consume.

* If you have any dietary restrictions, note it in the reservation. If we are not informed, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to adapt the menu. Due to the philosophy of cooking based on the sea and mountains, we do not adapt our tasting menus to the needs of vegetarians and vegans.

* For SEVERE RESTRICTIONS contact the restaurant before booking as we cannot attend to all cases.

* Children under the age of 5 are not allowed. If you come with children, and occupy a place as a guest, they must consume in the restaurant.

* For tables of more than 6 people contact us by phone or email


Book your table
NEW YEAR'S EVE MENU 2023 - 185 euros
NEW YEAR'S EVE MENU 2023 - 185 euros
We recommend booking online.
New year's eve menu
Price: 185 euros (10% i.v.a. included)
Drinks and selection of breads not included
empordà olive oil selection
pomegranate with empordà cider, grapefruit and juniper
carrot cornet with fine herbs vinaigrette and peppers
acid potato with mustard, black olives and garrigue herbs
dried tomato polvoron with olive oil and coriander
beetroot rock with sumac and apple vinegar
pinenuts and everlasting flower
hazelnuts and truffle oil
red seaweed skein with radish and quinoa
porcini mushroom biscuit with fresh cheese and pesto
cereals skin crystal with paprika
red prawns from roses with pumpkin, orange and basil
scallop in capon marinade with eggplant, bottarga and green apple
cod and its brandade with cauliflower, black trumpets and buckwheat
sea bass and artichokes with rooster combs and celery, trout roe and sea fennel
kid goat with chard in catalan style and caviar, smoked sardine and cheese
lemon with blackberries, yogurt and mint
musician dessert
glass of cava Alta Alella Laietà Gran Reserva · 12 grapes
Christmas’s brioche
poppy seeds and citron madeleine
empordà ratafia canelé
orange and clove jelly candy
ruby chocolate and peppers caramel brittle
almonds and citrus chocolate
pistachios chocolate
raspberry and feuilletine flakes chocolate
our local universe... between the sea and the mountain
our local universe... between the sea and the mountain
The Empòrium experience can be tasted through two menus that offer a renewed vision of the sea and mountain cuisine of the Empordà based on the temporality and the sustainable product of proximity.
                    fruits, vegetables and roots of torroella de fluvià and pau
          fish and seafood from roses and port de la selva
                                                                     aromatic and wild herbs
   veal from our marshes
                           farmer eggs from vernar de baix
                                                                      kid goat of cattle of fire
  dairies from girona
                       cereals and flours from castelló d'empúries
                                                                               fowl from empordà
       historic and traditional preserves, pickles and smoked products
  oils from the empordà
The Local Universe and Sea and Mountain menus form our offer ...
· The Univers Local menu at 144 euros offers a synthesis of our sea and mountain cuisine based on the sustainable product of the Empordà.
· The Sea and Mountain menu at 108 euros reflects a smaller version of our sea and mountain cuisine.
* Due to the philosophy of cuisine based on the sea and mountains it is difficult for us to adapt our tasting menu to the needs of vegetarians and vegans.
* Dishes may vary according to availability.
Entrance hours to the restaurant: 13:00 h to 14:00 h and 20:00 h to 21:00 h.
Dining room service hours: 13:00 h to 16:45 h and 20:00 h to 23:30 h
maître: Salvador Jordà i Vidal
chef de cuisine and maître: Màrius i Joan Jordà i Giró
A work by North American artist Ralph Bernabei which includes a wide selection of wines chosen by our sommeliers.
Thanks to all the friends and lovers of the wine world                                                which made this list possible
small means great producers, craftsmen and characters
                                   bottles varieties. unique vineyards
climates, places, infinite landscapes
                   the immutable cycle of the seasons ... the autumn - the harvest
                             fans. averse professionals from the wine world
colours, smells, touches, emotions
                                          all gathered in a book ...
The Empòrium experience, based on sea and mountain cuisine, can be paired with a selection of wines made by our wine waiters.
· Wine pairing Local Universe menu at 70 euros.
· Wine pairing Sea and Mountain menu at 60 euros.
wine waiters: Salvador, Joan and Màrius Jordà
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