Restaurant Empòrium
Restaurant Empòrium

Restaurant Empòrium, between the sea and the mountains

A restaurant with Michelin Star and Repsol Sun inside a gastronomic hotel ***

Empòrium Restaurant, located at the homonymous 3-star gastronomic hotel, reflects the hard work of the Jordà family, devoted to the catering industry since 1965. The restaurant is led by the Jordà twins, Màrius and Joan, who are in charge of the kitchen and the dining room taking turns periodically in a surprising way, with the support of their father, Salvador Jordà. 

In the restaurant you will be able to enjoy a modern sea and mountain influenced cuisine not short of contemporary touches, which accentuate the flavours of the Empordà region, and local produce is always the basis of our cuisine. This is how we try to integrate all the products that surround us in order to create a seasonal cuisine rooted in the natural landscape of Alt Empordà: a cuisine that strives for simplicity without losing its essence, that is humble and open to evolution, but genuine. It needs to be the reflection of our philosophy, opening our local universe to everyone. The splendour of nature. The richness of our land. 

Our restaurant features a wide range of wines selected by our sommeliers. They are included on a wine list designed by the American artist Ralph Bernabei, which depicts the environment where our wines originate in the form of visual poetry.  

In the restaurant there is also a private room with a seating capacity of 16 for those who want to enjoy our cuisine in a big, open, quiet, and private space.



Kitchen hours: 13:00 h to 15:00 h and 20:00 h to 22:00 h.

We would appreciate respecting the hours of the reservation; as well as the correction in the dress. We remind you that the tasting menus are offered until 14:30 h and 21:30 h; and they will be served at full table. From 5 people we will only served one of our tasting menus.
Weekly rest: Sunday afternoon (except July, August and first two weeks of September) and Monday all day (except festival day)

Annual holidays: from 17th February to 4th March 2020;  from 2nd November to to 18th November 2020.

The work and dedication in our restaurant has been recognized with:

- 1 Star at Michelin Guide from 2016 edition

- 1 Sol at Repsol Guide from 2015 edition

- Espiga i Timó d'Or 2017 by Town Hall of Castelló d'Empúries

- Tramuntana Honor Award 2015

- Tramuntana Award for dedication and guild projection 2018

- 15 points by critics of "Cinc a Taula" from newspaper La Vanguardia

- Second prize Cartaví 2009 and 2010 and finalist group C Cartaví 2013 in the province of Girona by INCAVI.

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The Empòrium restaurant uses organic, fresh and proximity products, is for that we offer seasonal a menu.
Our current offer is based on two tasting menu ...
· Menu Univers Local at 98 euros
· Menu Sea and Mountain at 64 euros
These menus can be harmonized with a wine pairing made by our sommeliers.
carta anglès 6 -EN.pdf
A work by North American artist Ralph Bernabei which includes a wide selection of wines chosen by our sommeliers.
Thanks to all the friends and lovers of the wine world                                                which made this list possible
small means great producers, craftsmen and characters
                                   bottles varieties. unique vineyards
climates, places, infinite landscapes
                   the immutable cycle of the seasons ... the autumn - the harvest
                             fans. averse professionals from the wine world
colours, smells, touches, emotions
                                          all gathered in a book ...
Carta de vins -EN.pdf