Information on COVID-19

Dear customer,

From the hotel · restaurant Empòrium we want to transmit a message of tranquility, responsibility and security towards the new context derived from the health crisis of COVID-19.

The well-being of our employees and our customers is paramount for our hotel and restaurant, as well as for our villa. That is why we have decided to apply a series of containment measures in accordance with current regulations, applying hygiene and safety measures to offer maximum safety, comfort and confidence in all areas.

Hygiene and safety measures for the containment of COVID-19

The well-being and safety of our customers and employees is key, fundamental and a priority in the philosophy of our hotel and restaurant. Given the current context and in accordance with the relevant regulations, we have taken additional efficient measures to combat the transmission and transmission of COVID-19:


- Mandatory use of the mask in the common areas and transit areas of our establishment.
- We have surgical masks and approved gloves, to be paid for by the client.
- We have in our room, as well as in all the accesses to our establishment of disinfectant hydroalcoholic solutions.
- We have delimited and created restricted passage areas, as well as we have delimited limits and safety distances in the different critical spaces of our establishment, which are obligatory to respect.
- We have established a strict and effective protocol for cleaning and disinfection by increasing the frequency in common areas and objects at risk. Our cleaning staff has all the personal protective equipment and has been trained to effectively use approved products that certify maximum efficiency to combat COVID.-19-
- Our customer service staff in the areas of restaurant, coffee bistro and hotel reception have received the appropriate training to apply the protocols and the use of protective equipment to prevent contagion and spread of COVID-19.
- We have restricted hours and capacity in our establishment to be able to apply these safety and hygiene measures effectively, safely and strictly for the protection of our staff and customers.

Hygiene and safety measures for the containment of COVID-19